How To Patch An Inflatable Kayak?

Patching inflatable kayaks are not much different from patching other inflatable items. The main difference is that in order to fix a hole in an inflatable kayak, the area around the hole needs to be cleaned properly for the glue used when applying patches can create a tight seal.

In your inflatable kayak, you should have some equipment that enables you to perform the necessary steps towards patching up a leak or tear. However, it is still advisable to buy a more specific kayak patch kit as this will provide you with the actual patches as well as extra pieces of material and tools needed to fix certain types of damages.

Let us assume that you have a tear in your inflatable boat and the area around the rip/hole is clean of any sharp objects. You should cut out a round piece of material slightly larger than the hole/tear and fold it over the rip, making sure it covers all sharp edges and points where air might escape from.

You must then apply some glue to the patch and spread it around. You should avoid any direct contact with the outside of the kayak, as this will affect your grip on the boat making it difficult to handle. Once applied, you can mount your newly patched piece of plastic on top of the damaged area and use a cloth (or something similar) to press down on the patch, making sure it has properly adhered. You should use a wood or other hard surface over which you can put some weight. It might be necessary that you let this area dry for at least 24 hours before using the inflatable kayak again.

If there are any air leaks coming out of small cracks or a tear, a patch is not the solution. In these cases, you should put an inflatable seal or use epoxy adhesive in order to prevent further leakage from occurring after paddling.

A couple of tips – If you know that you will be using your kayak on very rough waters and around sharp rocks, it might be a good idea to always carry a spare inflatable kayak patch kit with you. This way, you will minimize the risk of falling overboard and getting yourself injured.

In order to make sure your fix is working properly, it might be a good idea to buy a portable pressure pump that you can use when paddling in cases where heavy currents or large waves are present.

Or else, you should try following the instructions detailed above and carry them with you whenever you travel or opt for using a more efficient inflatable kayak patch kit that ensures you will be able to fix your boat in no time.

The steps involved in how to patch an inflatable kayak are not difficult but it is advisable that you have the necessary equipment with you just in case. By using a patch, you reduce the risk of having your boat deflate completely during use, which can be dangerous if it happens close to rocks or other obstacles.

The steps outlined above are pretty much the same as those used when repairing inflatable boats made out of PVC material. The only difference is that a PVC kayak leak will usually require a patch of a different color.

It should be noted that if the hole or tear is very large, using patches might not be effective enough and you can consider calling for professional assistance or buying an entirely new inflatable boat. If the damage is small, however, these steps are usually sufficient.

How do you patch an Intex inflatable kayak?

You can patch a hole in your inflatable kayak with a standard patch kit. First, prepare the area by cleaning it and using something flat to spread epoxy adhesive glue around. Then place your patch on top of the hole or rip, making sure all edges are covered. Use your hands to press down firmly so that you eliminate any air bubbles. You should leave the patch to dry for at least 24 hours before using your inflatable kayak again.

Can inflatable kayaks be repaired?

Yes, an inflatable kayak can be repaired. All you need is a patch kit and some epoxy adhesive glue. The location of the hole or tear will determine how much material should be used for the repair and what type of patch to use (flat for folds and flaps; round for single holes). Clean the area before applying your patch, and make sure you follow all instructions carefully to ensure a permanent fix.

Can I Use Flex Seal on an inflatable kayak?

Flex Seal’s liquid rubber coating is not recommended for use on inflatable kayak seams or patches. We do not recommend using Flex Tape either, as it is only intended for temporary repairs of flat surfaces like pipes and gutters.

Can duct tape fix the inflatable kayak?

Duct tape can be used to temporarily patch inflatable kayaks, but it is not recommended for anything other than small holes. Duct tape can collect dirt and sand, which can scratch the boat’s surface. Additionally, duct tape may peel off after extended use in water or when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

What is the best way to patch holes in an inflatable kayak?

The best method for patching a hole or tear in your inflatable kayak is with an adhesive repair kit. The kit includes an adhesive cloth, petroleum jelly, and sandpaper. First, clean the area around the damage and remove any loose material that could get caught underneath the patch. Next, spread the adhesive on the patch and apply it to your inflatable kayak. Allow 24 hours for the patch to dry before using it again.