Can you use the electric pump on an inflatable kayak?

Yes, you can use the electric pump on an inflatable kayak. It is a good idea to use the electric pump to quickly and easily fill your kayak with air. make sure that you have plugged the pump into an outlet and that the switch is turned on before you start pumping. Hold the plug firmly in place and insert it into the jack until it clicks. To stop the flow of air, release the pressure on the plug.

There are 3 different types of pumps you can use

You’ll need a specific pump for each type of kayak valve, and there are several types to pick from. You may require extra attachments if you have a different variety of valves on your boat.

Foot Pump:  

this is the most basic type of inflator. A foot pump allows for controlled airflow and works well with smaller, dink kayaks that do not require as much air as larger sit-on-top boats. It’s also good for kayaks with multiple valves because you only need to use 1 attachment instead of 3.

Hand Pump:

This type of pump is recommended for inflatable kayaks that require higher levels of inflation or larger, sit-on-top kayaks and rafts. It’s also good to use with multiple valves because you only need 1 attachment instead of 3 like it is required with a foot pump.

Electric Pump:

The electric pump is the easiest to use and best for quickly filling inflatable boats. It’s also good for larger boats that require higher levels of inflation. Since it plugs into an outlet, you can fill your boat wherever you are instead of tethered to a power source like with the other pumps.  

Foot Pump

How Often Should I Inflate My Kayak?

You should always inflate your kayak before its first use. You’ll also need to check it each time after you get off the water. If you notice flat spots or low pressure, inflate it according to your manual’s recommendations.

However, if you’re using a self-inflating kayak, re-inflation is not necessary unless you puncture it. Your kayak will re-inflate itself, even if it deflates a little bit. For more information on how to inflate your kayak, contact the manufacturer.

How Often Should I Deflate and Store My Kayak?

When storing your kayak in the off-season, you may need to deflate it to provide space if you don’t intend on storing it outside. When deflating the boat, be gentle with your valves when rolling up the kayak; do not let them snap back into place because this could damage the valve and prevent air from escaping.

Pump Your Kayak Before Every Use for The Best Performance

You should inflate your kayak before every use by either using a hand or foot pump if you have an airtight floor or an electric pump if you don’t. The amount of time it takes for this process depends on which type of inflation device you’re using and the size of your kayak.

How Much Air Pressure to Use?

Before each use, check the recommended air pressure level on a label inside your kayak. If you’re using a hand or foot pump, follow the instructions provided to inflate it. As for an electric pump, you’ll need to consult the manual that came with your unit for specific guidance.

Can I Inflate My Kayak Indoors?

You have to inflate your kayak outdoors because the smell of the chemicals in the air inside your house will damage it.

What Can I Use to Fill My Inflatable Kayak when I’m Not at Home?

If you don’t have access to an outdoor outlet, you’ll need a car battery or portable power generator to charge your electric pump before you inflate or deflate your kayak. If this is not feasible, you can rent an outdoor generator from an equipment rental center.