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Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing

Fishing is a hobby that will make you feel relaxed. If you love to explore fishing spots, you should have the best inflatable fishing kayak to make the best of your experience. There are inflatable fishing kayaks available in the market. So, you should choose the right one that suits your needs. Don’t worry because we will make your search easy. The following is a list of the top 8 inflatable fishing kayaks you can choose from for your fishing kayak needs. 

Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable Fishing Kayak 

The Intex Challenger K2 can be the best dedicated inflatable fishing kayak for you if you’re conscious of budget and quality. It is easy to paddle and comes with reliable portability. It comes with a hand pump allowing you to hit the water quickly. With its bright green deck, you can sit comfortably while paddling. It has two paddlers and is best for calm water. The fishing kayak is made from vinyl material. It measures 30x15x138 inches with up to 400 pounds maximum weight. 

  • A bright green shell of easy visibility on the water
  • Hi-output Intex pump for simple and fast setup
  • It has a streamlined hull for an energy-efficient paddling
  • It also features a cargo net on its bow for securing gear and bags
  • UV damage-resistant for long-lasting durability
  • It is a little bit vulnerable

Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Fishing Kayak

The Intex Excursion Pro is among the best fishing inflatable kayaks you can avail of in the market. It has high rigidity because of the combination of a durable polyester core and a 30-gauge vinyl shell. It is suitable for 2 paddlers and comes with functional fishing features. 

It can accommodate 400 pounds and measures 12 feet 7 inches x 37 inches. The package includes an air pump, aluminum paddles, a carry bag, and a repair patch. If you want the best comfort for your fishing adventure, the Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Boat is the best option. 

  • It features plastic footrests for leg comfort
  • High pressure inflation for additional stability and rigidity
  • It comes with an adjustable and removable mounting bracket for other fishing gear like fish finder, GPS systems, swivel fishing integrated rod holders, and more fishing accessories
  • Available with two removable skews for shallow and deep water, two integrated fishing rod holders, two floor-mounted footrests, and two adjustable bucket seats
  • Some complaint about poor customer service

Sevylor Quickpak K5 Inflatable Angler Kayak

If you love fishing alone, the Sevylor Quickpak K5 is for you. It has an excellent design making it easy to get to the water and transport. It is compact and can be packed in your backpack for your fishing adventure. It is easy to set up, stable, and works well on flat water, including ponds and lakes. It has 23 pounds weight capacity and measures 10 feet and 34 inches. The Sevylor Quickpak K5 is the best choice if you’re looking for a kayak with easy transportation. 

  • Innovative and stylish design (backpack which can be transformed to a kayak)
  • Offers excellent stability and buoyancy when reeling in and casting
  • The package includes a hand pump, carry bag, and three-piece paddle
  • Cover doubles as a spray skirt to keep you dry
  • It comes with two bungee-corded areas and covered storage for your gear
  • Airtight System to avoid leaks
  • It doesn’t slice through the water easily

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Sport Kayak

If you want to have a fun experience in your water adventure, the Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Sport Kayak will not fail you. It can accommodate 650 pounds weight from up to three riders. It is convenient to use and comes with excellent durability. It has an elegant design making it visible in the water. 

  • Can accommodate three people with 650 Ibs weight capacity
  • Features 2 AB30 7’10” 4 part paddles that have an aluminum shaft and asymmetrical blade
  • Two kegs on its bottom for better speed and tracking
  • This inflatable boat comes with two paddles, two movable kayak seats, a carry bag, and a foot pump
  • Open and close drain valve and five deluxe 1-way inflation/ deflation valves
  • Good value for your money
  • The seat has no support to keep it upright

Driftsun Voyager Tandem Inflatable Kayak : Tandem Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

The Driftsun Voyager Tandem Fishing kayak is perfect for two riders. It is ideal for your lake adventure. 

The package includes a double-action hand pump, two adjustable aluminum kayak paddles, a travel bag, and a removable tracking skeg. With its tough 840D coated nylon oxford fabric top cover, the kayak is resistant to rips and tears. The Driftsun Voyager can be a good investment if you want a kayak that has the best performance in both choppy and calm glasses of water. 

  • It can inflate quickly to a full-size kayak of 10 feet x 35 inches x 16 inches
  • Suitable for two persons up to 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • It comes with durable PVC bottom and top that is made from thick 840-denier coated nylon oxford fabric
  • Features double-threaded Boston valves to avoid leak
  • It has a detachable deep fin that offers responsive tracking and a rear-drain plug for simple cleaning and draining
  • It can’t dry out easily

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible 

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible can be your best kayak for calm water. It has excellent durability and is puncture-resistant. 

It also features three layers of material for superior puncture resistance. It weighs 50 pounds and measures 36x22x12 inches. It can be a good option if you want a highly portable fishing kayak. The kayak comes with adjustable padded seats that can offer a high level of comfort while paddling. It is worth buying because it can provide you with reliable performance and durability. 

  • Good performance in mild oceans, rivers, and flat water
  • It is convertible so that it can be paddled solo or tandem
  • Features mesh pockets and d-rings for reliable storage of your gear
  • It has a hull design that defines the bow and stern for enhanced speed and tracking
  • It has a beautiful green color for greater visibility in the water
  • It comes with easy maneuverability and reliable versatility
  • Insufficient cargo room

Sevylor Big Basin

Sevylor Big Basin kayak can be your best partner for your fishing adventure. The kayak is constructed of PVC at the sides and tarpaulin on its bottom to offer puncture protection caused by objects and rocks. The Sevylor Big Basin is NMMA certified to accommodate three people up to 490 Ibs. 

It is comfortable to use and suitable for calmer lakes and rivers. The inflatable boat is available with attractive blue color making it more visible in the water. It is stable and doesn’t easily tip. It can provide a good value for your money and kayak needs. 

  • Come with few multiple air chambers to make sure that the kayak remains inflated when the other chamber is damaged
  • Three-person inflatable kayak with adjustable seats for more comfort while paddling
  • Features double-threaded Boston valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Airtight System to ensure to avoid leaks
  • It has spray covers that block splashes to keep you dry
  • It is made from quality and durable materials for excellent performance
  • It doesn’t come with paddles and pump

Advanced Elements FireFly

Advanced Elements FireFly is another quality inflatable kayak you can avail yourself of in the market. It is equipped with innovative features making it a good investment for your money and adventure needs. This inflatable kayak is an elegant-designed recreational vessel that is ideal for flat waters. It can provide you with reliable performance while kayaking, even you hit the rock. If you want an affordable but quality inflatable kayak, the Advanced Elements FireFly is the best option. 

The Advanced Elements FireFly comes with a rigid stern and bow, which aids tracking for improved performance. It has aluminum frames to give the kayak direction and form to go to your destination quickly. 

  • It comes with mesh pockets for easy storage of your extra equipment and supplies
  • Rubber-molded handles to offer firm grip while kayaking
  • Portable and lightweight inflatable kayak you can use for fishing and other adventure
  • Has dependable durability and stability
  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • It has a limited sitting area
  • It doesn’t have back support


Fishing can be a fun and enjoyable activity while appreciating the beauty of nature. However, it is also essential to have the best inflatable fishing kayak to make the best of your experience in your adventure. There are many inflatable fishing kayaks in the market today, so you should choose the best one that can meet your standards and needs. 

It is also essential to consider some factors while buying your inflatable fishing kayaks. Make sure to avail one with great quality, performance, and durability. With that, you have an assurance that the time, effort, and budget you invest for the product are all worth it. 

With the help of this article, we hope that you already have your pick from the best inflatable fishing kayaks we mentioned above. Do you want to enhance your fishing experience? Then, you should buy a quality inflatable fishing kayak today! 

Are inflatable fishing kayaks any good?

Inflatable kayaks are used by both military and police for undercover operations. The recent emergence of inflatable fishing kayaks is a smaller market compared to other types, however, it has still managed to make a name for itself in its own right. Different types of inflatable fishing kayaks include:

Folding kayak

On the whole, folding kayaks are unsuitable for fishing. They often do not have the necessary storage space or cup holders for your tackle box and drinks or room to stand up in when casting. There are some models that solve these problems by adding extra storage compartments under the seat but they still lack the option to stand.

Touring kayak

The main advantage of touring kayaks is stability. Since it has a low center of gravity, you are less likely to tip over when using this type of kayak. Another benefit of the touring kayak is that it provides more storage space to accommodate your fishing equipment and even carries extra weight for angling.

Sit on top kayak(sot)

By far the most popular style of inflatable fishing kayaks is sat on tops. As the name suggests, these models allow you to sit or “sit upon” the kayak when in use instead of sitting inside like a regular hard shell model. This increases your visibility when out on the water and makes it easier for you to get in and out of the kayak. Also, it is possible for more than one person to fish off a sit-on-top kayak at once which is ideal for group fishing situations.

Are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?

Fishing kayaks are equipped with seats, storage space, paddle holders, and rod rest. Some fishing kayaks are outfitted with live bait tanks, which are perfect for catching your own bait or storing catch while on the water.

Depending on how often you plan to use your inflatable kayak, one thing to consider is whether you want one with a skeg or rudder. A skeg is an extension at the rear of the kayak that allows for better directional control, allowing you to make sharper turns and stay on course. If you intend to use your inflatable fishing kayak in rough waters, it is best to invest in one with a skeg or rudder because they provide better directional control.

If you plan to fish in saltwater, it is recommended that you choose an inflatable kayak with a coating like Armor Shield. This high-quality material prevents corrosion and damage to your fishing kayak. For freshwater use, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue; however, if you intend to take your inflatable fishing kayak out to sea or in saltwater, it is an important feature to take into consideration.

Are inflatable kayaks a good option?

The answer to that question is only applicable to you because not all kayaks are made equal. It depends on what your specific needs are. Before making a purchase, you should consider whether an inflatable kayak best suits your requirements or if a hard shell model would be better for you. If the extra expense of buying an outfitted fishing kayak is not worth it to you, an inflatable model may be the right choice.

If you intend to use your kayak often and in rough environments, an inflatable fishing kayak might not withstand the elements as well as a hard shell model would. No matter what type of inflatable fishing kayak you choose, it should still be made with high-quality, durable materials. The best inflatable kayaks are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to transport to the water’s edge.

Can you put a trolling motor on an inflatable kayak?

A trolling motor can add a significant amount of weight to your kayak and may affect performance. If you plan on using the inflatable fishing kayak in rough water, such as when out at sea, then it might be best to invest in one that comes equipped with a trolling motor already.

Most inflatable fishing kayaks are not intended to be used with a trolling motor, especially if you plan on using your paddle in any way when out on the water. The added weight of the trolling motor may make it difficult for you to effectively use your paddle when maneuvering in rough waters. If you want to install one anyway, you should take into consideration the fact that it may affect your kayak’s performance.

Can 1 person use a 2 person inflatable kayak?

Some inflatable kayaks are designed to hold two people at a time, which can be useful for fishing with a partner. On the other hand, if you plan on using your kayak solo, you might want to invest in an inflatable model that only holds one person.

The weight limit of some inflatable fishing kayaks is as low as 250 pounds. If you weigh more than that, your inflatable kayak might not be the best option for you. This is especially important to consider if you plan on using a motorized trolling system because it adds a significant amount of weight to your kayak.

Two-person fishing kayaks are convenient for group outings and for anglers who plan on using a trolling motor. If you want more stability, two-person fishing kayaks are also the best option for beginners because they help prevent accidental falls into the water.

Can inflatable kayaks be used in lakes?

Yes, some can – but some probably shouldn’t. It depends on which model you choose and how it is designed.

The best inflatable fishing kayak for lakes is one that comes with a skeg or rudder that provides easy control over the direction of travel. Because there are no waves in lakes, you won’t need to worry much about these features unless you’re planning on using your kayak in small rapids or currents.

If you plan on going out in a lake inflatable kayak, be aware that winds may become a problem. Inflatable kayaks tend to be much smaller and less stable than hard shell models. Even a light wind can make your inflatable kayak difficult to control if you’re not prepared for it.

In conclusion, whether an inflatable kayak is right for you depends on whether your individual needs. If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider the extra stability that comes with a hard shell kayak or if your intention is to go fishing in rough waters.

If you’re looking for an inflatable kayak that will best suit your needs, explore all of your options before you make a final decision.

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